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ShatterCast, Season 2 – Warcraft 3: Reforged

It has been another difficult few months for Blizzard Entertainment. The long-awaited updated version of Warcraft 3 was launched but was quickly met with fan disappointment. Upon release, a lot of the promised features were absent with little or no explanation given to those who had already purchased the game.

Did Blizzard break their promise to fans in regards to this title? How do we deal with broken promises we encounter in other areas of our lives? And what should we do if we are ever guilty of breaking a promise ourselves?

Check out our audio version on your favorite podcast provider or you can see the full video segment below. And if you enjoy it, please remember to Like, Subscribe, and Share!

[Topics: Broken Promises, Forgiveness; Scripture References: Matthew 5:37, Joshua 9]

ShatterCast, Season 2 – Warcraft 3: Reforged

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