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Shattered Ink  Production
Creating original resources to help inspire and encourage young people.


Our production team, creates, acquires, and/or adapts intellectual properties to develop resources, curricula, and other tools to help people experience hope and faith in some very exciting and engaging ways.

We are working on a ton of innovative ideas utilizing things such as table top games, video games, podcasts, and comic books to share inspirational messages while having a great time with others.  

Check out some of our existing content on our YouTube channel!

ShatterCast (our podcast)
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Legacy Issue 1 Cover

Legacy is the title of the first theme developed and released by Shattered Studios, spearheaded by our own comic book.

A Legacy is not only defined by how we are remembered after we are gone, but also by the day-to-day impact we leave on everyone we come into contact with. What type of Legacy are you sharing right now? Let us help you discover how you can make sure the Legacy you are leaving is a great one.

We have developed a portal exclusively featuring Legacy, along with the lesson plans and resources available to groups and individuals.

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