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Black Widow Review (Full Spoilers!) – ShatterCast, Season 3

We discuss our thoughts on the Black Widow movie.  Many people thought this character was well overdue for her own film.   Was the film worth the wait?

We also have a sobering conversation on some important topics this movie brought to mind including the horrors of human trafficking (that still occurs today). And where can a person turn if they think they have made too many mistakes to have any hope for redemption?

Please note:  There are FULL SPOILERS ahead.  Also, this segment was recorded before the announcement of a lawsuit against Disney (Parent company of Marvel) and Black Widow star (Scarlett Johansson) involving compensation. We will discuss that in a future episode.

[Topics: Redemption, Too Far Gone?, Rescuing Others; Scripture Verses – John 3:16, Ephesians 2:4-5, Romans 8:38-39]

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Black Widow Review (Full Spoilers!) – ShatterCast, Season 3

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