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Legacy Comic Book

Legacy Issue 1 Cover

THE GREATEST HERO THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN...JUST DIED.  Yet he passed on his incredible powers and most importantly - his mission to help save the world - to the most unlikely of people.  

Will they choose to use these powers for their own gain?  Or will they choose to follow his example, help others and honor his...Legacy?

Discover an exciting retelling of the Gospel story in the form of a superhero comic book and learn how to apply the lesson the characters learn to real life.

Check out a free preview of the Legacy comic book below, or you can download the PDF sample.  The preview covers the first 6 pages, out of the 32 total pages in the comic book. If you want to order a copy for yourself, or several for your group, please visit our Shattered Studios Store!

Thank you for visiting and your interest in helping others learn how they are leaving a Legacy!

Legacy Lesson Guides

Complimenting our Legacy Comic Book are leader-led lesson guides and student resources.  We have created these guides to cover one section of the comic book at a time.  Check out our Legacy Issue One sample lesson by clicking the button below to download the PDF.  Our sample lesson covers the same 6 pages as the comic book sample above.  Be sure to check out our store to purchase additional lesson guides and student resources!

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