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Shattered Silence  Mentorship

We love to facilitate free art mentorship programs which help youth identify their artistic talent then use that as a positive way to express themselves and to help others.

We have discovered that one of the quickest ways to help raise a young person ‘s self esteem is to help identify some type of artistic talent that they enjoy, give them more training so they can grow in that talent, and then have them use that talent to help some else.

We have already....

  • Mentored over 100 students with our ministry partners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, in addition to expanding our outreach 

  • Offered art programs including: dance, game design, mural design, percussion mentorship programs, sculpting, video production and more

  • Held our own art shows where local youth can display their creative artistic work

Future Expansion

We are also helping other communities duplicate our work in their own region through what we call the Lighthouse Initiative. That way organizations that we approve can work with us directly and will be able to shine light in their our communities.

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