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ShatterCast, Season 2 – Movie Trailers for Summer 2020

A lot of interesting movies are coming out in the Summer of 2020. These include Morbius, Wonder Woman 1984, and Black Widow. What did our team think about the trailers for these upcoming films? Do the trailers make you want to see these movies even more?

Also, trailers give us a preview of what a future movie may be like. There are some situations that happen in life (ex. a medical report, job offer, or change in relationship status) which can also feel like we are getting a glimpse at what the future might hold for us. How can we still maintain hope for a bright future regardless of whether the situations we encounter seem good or bad?

Check out our audio version on your favorite podcast provider or you can see the full video segment below. And if you enjoy it, please remember to Like, Subscribe, and Share!

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