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ShatterCast, Season 2 – DC Deck-Building Game “Rebirth”

Happy New Year! We kick off 2020 with our first dedicated Board Game segment. DC Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic Entertainment is a very popular game that released a new version entitled “Rebirth” a few months back. It is named after the recent comic book relaunch of DC Comics publishing.

How does this new version of the game compare to the previous version? Does our team enjoy it more than the original? And how does the important concept of “Rebirth” apply to our lives and faith, especially as we kick off a brand new year? Check out our audio version on your favorite podcast provider or you can see the full video segment below. And if you enjoy it, please remember to Like, Subscribe, and Share!

ShatterCast, Season 2 DC Deck-Building Game “Rebirth”

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