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ShatterCast, Season 2 – Batman Screen Test [Shifting Character]

Special Note: All of us at Shattered are praying you are doing well and staying safe with the current challenges we are facing. We hope our podcast can be an encouragement during uncertain times.

[Topics: Changing Character, Personality Shifts]

Recently, the upcoming Batman movie has given us glimpses of their new version of the character. What does our team think of the new direction and specifically of the new design of the Batsuit?

It can be difficult to know which version of the Batman character a new movie may present. In our own lives, we may encounter people whose character or personality can also shift in unpredictable ways.

Does our own personality ever shift? What are some positive ways we can still interact with people during these times? And who is the only One we may encounter who is always dependable and whose character never changes?

Check out our audio version on your favorite podcast provider or you can see the full video segment below. And if you enjoy it, please remember to Like, Subscribe, and Share!

[Scripture References: Matthew 7:24-27; James 1:17]

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