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Racial Tensions – ShatterCast Unplugged

In this special segment, we have an honest and heartfelt conversation about Racial Tensions in Today’s World. We share some of our personal perspectives in hopes that it might add some additional understanding and healing to this great conversation.

We cover a lot of important topics in this episode and thought it was important to release it in its entirety. We have included time stamps if you need to watch over more than one viewing, but we highly recommend you listen to the entire discussion.

Audio Version also available on the major podcast platforms.

Part One – 0:00

– Introduction

– Media and Entertainment Industry Response

– Discussion on how artists and creatives can positively help in this area

Part Two – 19:44

– Why is there currently so much hurt and pain in the black community?

– Peaceful protests vs. riots.

– A better understanding of why the “black lives matter” slogan continues to be used by some.

– Thoughts on how Police Departments, Judicial Systems, Government Leaders, the Community, and the Church can respond to the cries for justice

Part Three – 41:35

– We share some of our thoughts on “where we can go from here”.

– And we have a plea for Christians and for those in general who would like to see change during this time.

We definitely don’t have all the answers but we hope you will join us in engaging in this important discussion and being committed to sharing healing and hope for all. Thank you.

[Scripture References: John 3: 16, Mark 12: 28-31, Micah 6:8, Philippians 2: 1-4]

Racial Tensions – ShatterCast Unplugged

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