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Hope in Difficult Times| ShatterCast, Special Edition

We are kicking off Season 3 with an extremely important topic. Throughout life, many people can struggle with varying degrees of mental health issues. In this special two-part segment we are joined by an experienced counselor to discuss in depth some of these topics. Trigger Warning: Topics include Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts. These are important topics but we also know they can be triggering to some, so please be advised. We encourage our younger viewers to watch with a parent or trusted adult. In Part One we share –

Some important mental health conditions and why they are more common than we often think

Some illustrations of mental health struggles from media, our personal lives, and even the Bible

What we can do if we feel ourself or someone we know is in immediate danger In Part Two we share –

Some additional causes of mental health struggles

Positive things we can do to help when dealing with mental health issues

How seeking help and how faith can make a positive difference

Huge thanks to counselor Brandon Vieira, MA, LMHC for adding his experience and insight into this conversation. There are many potential treatment options that counselors like Brandon might recommend depending on a person’s particular circumstances so we encourage you to reach out for help when needed.

If you or someone you know need immediate help, please reach out to someone or call U.S. Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 (or search the internet for the best number in your country). Thanks so much for checking out our podcast! Please remember to subscribe for future episodes. Audio-only versions are available on your favorite podcast platforms.

Hope in Difficult Times – Part 1 | ShatterCast Special Edition

Hope in Difficult Times – Part 2 | ShatterCast, Special Edition

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