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Deliverance Kickstarter [Extended Interview] – ShatterCast, Season 3

Deliverance the Board Game is hitting Kickstarter on June 8!

We chatted again with the creator of the game, Andrew Lowen, for an in-depth interview. We discuss the game of course, but also chat about why he decided to self-publish the game, the Kickstarter campaign itself, and advice he has for game designers and those who might plan to use Kickstarter in the future.

Finally, we chat about how his faith has influenced his decision-making along the way and what he believes God has taught him through this entire game creation process.

Special thanks to Andrew Lowen for the interview. If you like what you see about Deliverance you can find more info at the links below (including our previous interview with Andrew).

Also, consider supporting the game through Kickstarter when it launches. Thanks!

Our Previous Interview with Andrew Lowen about Deliverance:

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Deliverance Kickstarter [Extended Interview] – ShatterCast, Season 3

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