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Board Game Industry Response | Virtual Tabletop Games, New Game Releases, Marvel Champions

[Topics: Letting Go of Old Things, Trust]

How has the Board Game Industry been impacted with so many people having to remain at home? Have families taken this opportunity to play games together more? Are Virtual Tabletop Games helping gaming groups stay connected while they have not been able to meet in person?

Meanwhile, some board games have been able to continue their production most notably Frosthaven (the sequel to the massively successful Gloomhaven) has raised almost $13 million on Kickstarter. And Marvel Champions (just released the end of last year) announced its first major expansion.

In Marvel Champions, cards in your hands can serve multiple purposes. The challenge is to be willing to discard some cards in order to have the chance to draw even better ones. In life, do we also face the challenge of being willing to let some things go for the opportunity to be blessed even more?

[Scripture References: Matthew 16:25, Mark 2: 22, Mark 10: 17-31]

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Board Game Industry Response – Shattered Unplugged

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