We are a non-profit organization committed to sharing hope and faith to young people through the media, creative, and performance arts. Please feel free to explore our website. Check back often for the latest updates and information on how YOU can be involved.

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Season 3 is Premiering Soon! – Joel’s Thoughts

Season 3 of our incredible podcast, ShatterCast, is premiering soon! In this quick segment,... continue reading »

Season 3 is Premiering Soon! – Brian’s Thoughts

We are very excited to announce that Season 3 of our incredible podcast, ShatterCast, is... continue reading »

“What’s the Point of the Club!?” | S4, P6 & Debrief – Through the Realm of Light and Shadow

Through the Realm of Light & Shadow - Session Four, Part Six & Debrief The team makes... continue reading »

Comics - Legacy

Legacy is the title of the first theme developed and released by Shattered Studios - a non-profit organization that exists to share hope and faith through the creative, performance, and media arts. Find out more »

An introduction with Derrick

Podcast - ShatterCast

Hey everyone! Thanks for swinging by our channel.

Here is a quick video to introduce who we are and some of the things you will see on this channel.

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Ways to help

Through Production

Creating original resources to help inspire and encourage young people

Through Mentorship

Our art mentorship program which helps youth identify their artistic talent then use that as a positive way to express themselves and to help others.

Through Collaboration

Connecting with other people and organizations who have a similar passion to reach out to young people like we do.