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Touching Lives Around the World

“Thanks for your talk on mental health and incorporating it with turning to God!”

“Your talk was really inspiring! It was really encouraging especially since I’ve been struggling with being unable to describe my feelings! Really helpful!”

These are just a few quotes from teens after the mental health session we led in Poland (which we shared in our last update). We were so thankful it was a blessing to them and the struggles they often face.

In the past few months, we have had other exciting opportunities to encourage people around the world. We continue to serve missionary youth here in the US as families return from the missions field for rest and to debrief. We have also expanded our outreach to gamers through conventions, local events, and online.

The Spanish translation of the script for our original Christian comic book series, Legacy, has been completed and we are now working on revisions. This new version will be used with a variety of people including with an unreached people group in Colombia, South America, and in local prison ministry.

Finally, one of our members is doing a missionary tour throughout Europe and Kenya, Africa. And we are excited that he is taking some of our comics along with him to see if they might be an additional blessing in those areas.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support. We are excited to share some other exciting opportunities in the near future.

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