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Tabletop Role-Playing Games – ShatterCast Unplugged

Tabletop (or Pen and Paper) Role-Playing Games are increasing in popularity once again. In our special two-part segment we discuss many things including:

Part One – What is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game? What can be some positives in playing them? What are a few concerns that some (especially within faith communities) have had about them?

Part One, Tabletop Role-Playing Games – ShatterCast Unplugged

Part Two – What are some practical ways a person can address the concerns we have highlighted? How is Shattered Studios utilizing role-playing games to build community, and to even share hope and faith?

Part Two, Tabletop Role-Playing Games – ShatterCast Unplugged

[Topics: Tabletop Role-Playing Games, Interactive Storytelling, Utilizing New Art Forms for ministry]

[Scripture References: Romans 14: 14-23, 1 Corinthians 9:19-23] ______________________________________________________________________________

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Here is a link to our Lord of the Rings Role-Play series, Through the Realm of Light and Shadow:

Our amazing host, John Weiand, has started his own YouTube channel that focuses on Role-Playing Games and Faith. Check out his new channel here:

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