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“Don’t Lose Yourself as Well” | S1, P4 – Through the Realm of Light & S

Through the Realm of Light and Shadow – Session One, Part Four

In this final segment of our first session, our team is left with a choice – How far will they go to discover who has captured them? And as they debate what is right and wrong, will the team start to turn on themselves?

All this and more in our next Role-Play adventure!

___________________________________________________________________________ “Through the Realm of Light and Shadow” is an original role-play adventure based in the Lord of the Rings setting. An audio version is also available on most major platforms.

Journey with us and hopefully even be inspired in your own life and faith as you see our team strive to overcome challenges.

Special Note: Players usually attempt to role-play how they believe their character would act in various situations. We may not always agree with those responses or actions in real life.

This adventure features laughter and fun banter between the players, however, it also depicts battles and overcoming some challenging situations. So like the Lords of the Rings movies, we recommend this tale be enjoyed by teenagers and older.

To bring our adventure to life we are using the “Adventures in Middle Earth” core books by Cubicle 7, which is based on the 5e ruleset from D&D. Find out more about those resources here:

“Don’t Lose Yourself as well” | S1, P4 – Through the Realm of Light & Shadow

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