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Hope in Difficult Times| ShatterCast, Special Edition

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We are kicking off Season 3 with an extremely important topic. Throughout life, many people can struggle with varying degrees of mental health issues. In this special two-part segment we are joined by an experienced counselor to discuss in depth some of these topics. Trigger Warning: Topics include Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts. These are… continue reading »

Tabletop Role-Playing Games – ShatterCast Unplugged

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Tabletop (or Pen and Paper) Role-Playing Games are increasing in popularity once again. In our special two-part segment we discuss many things including: Part One – What is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game? What can be some positives in playing them? What are a few concerns that some (especially within faith communities) have had about them?… continue reading »

Racial Tensions – ShatterCast Unplugged

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In this special segment, we have an honest and heartfelt conversation about Racial Tensions in Today’s World. We share some of our personal perspectives in hopes that it might add some additional understanding and healing to this great conversation. We cover a lot of important topics in this episode and thought it was important to… continue reading »