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New Board Game Releases & Expansions | Gloomhaven, Pandemic, Marvel Champions -ShatterCast, Season 3

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[Topics: Healthy Hobbies, Stewardship, Managing Resources] Some very popular Board Games have recently released new versions or expansions. What are some of the ones our team is most excited about? Which ones are you excited about? With so many new Board Games releasing throughout the year, is there ever a down-side to this plethora of… continue reading »

Board Game Industry Response | Virtual Tabletop Games, New Game Releases, Marvel Champions

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[Topics: Letting Go of Old Things, Trust] How has the Board Game Industry been impacted with so many people having to remain at home? Have families taken this opportunity to play games together more? Are Virtual Tabletop Games helping gaming groups stay connected while they have not been able to meet in person? Meanwhile, some… continue reading »