A Legacy is not only defined by how we are remembered after we are gone, but also by the day-to-day impact we leave on everyone we come into contact with. What type of Legacy are you sharing right now? Let us help you discover how you can make sure the Legacy you are leaving is a great one.

What is Legacy?

Legacy is the title of the first theme developed and released by Shattered Studios - a non-profit organization that exists to share hope and faith through the creative, performance, and media arts..

Legacy is also the name of an exciting comic book that is an action packed adventure but also asks us hard questions - such as do we live our lives only to benefit ourselves? Or do we strive to help others as well?

You don't have to fly, or have superpowers, to be a hero, just be willing to make personal sacrifices at times to help others

Imagine an unlikely hero...one that makes the greatest impact beyond what anyone may notice. Check out a free preview of the Legacy comic book below, or you can download the PDF sample. The preview covers the first 6 pages, out of the 30 total pages in the comic book. If you want to order a copy for yourself, or several for your group, please click order now below and fill out the contact form letting us know you are interested. We will contact you to get the rest of your information. Thank you for visiting and your interest in helping others learn how they are leaving a Legacy!

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Leader Resources

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Student Resources

Whether you're reading through the Legacy comic as an individual, or part of a youth group, we have study guides prepared for you to use. The guides focus on specific sections of Legacy with video links and thought provoking questions.

Here is what to expect:
  • Questions that really make you think
  • Bibilical verses that relate to Legacy
  • Multimedia material (including videos for each lesson!)
  • Messages that you can share with friends
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