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Encourage One Another

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God is good, even when our circumstances may not seem so.  The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions and trials for many people including myself. A brief glimpse of a few challenges I have personally faced:  being sick with bronchitis for over a month, helping some people navigate through some major spiritual… continue reading »

When Faith Meets Gamers (Dice Tower Convention)

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One of the reasons we created Shattered Studios was to reach out to people who feel disconnected from the church or from faith in general.  We have seen firsthand the positive impact God can have on a person’s life when they are willing to bring to Him all of their hurts and brokenness and allow… continue reading »

Welcome to Shattered Studios

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*Please pardon our mess! This site is in the final stages of beta.  A New Site: If you are reading this entry then you already know that the new home online for Shattered Studios is live! We have spent some time planning the new site layout and content, as well as future media endeavors that… continue reading »