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New Video Intro

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We are excited to announce that we are constantly expanding the content we offer on our website and YouTube Channel! We are very proud of our team for all of the hard work they have been doing. And we are so grateful to all of our viewers for your feedback, interaction, and suggestions. Here is… continue reading »

ShatterCast – DTC 2019/ Faith in Gaming

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This summer some of our team members had the joy of attending Dice Tower 2019, a great gaming convention. We discuss our time there and then expand our conversation to the concept of Faith in Gaming. Does Faith have a place around the Gaming Table? Is there an opportunity to build community, have fun, and… continue reading »

ShatterCast – Star Wars Trailer Reaction, Part 2

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In Part 2 of our Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer Reaction, we continue our thoughts on the current state of the Star Wars Franchise in general. What about the current franchise direction has us worried? What about it gives us hope? We also discuss the idea of “counting the costs” and planning ahead. Is that… continue reading »

Shattercast – Anthem (Post Release Discussion)

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The game, Anthem, has been available for about two months now and its release has been plagued with problems and low review scores. Is there anything that Anthem has done well? How does Anthem compare to other games in the “looter shooter” genre? Also, how will its developer, Bioware, address the concerns of a number… continue reading »

Shattercast – Captain Marvel

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Avengers: End Game is just around the corner, but first we share our thoughts on Marvel’s last movie heading into that event – Captain Marvel! What are our thoughts on Marvel’s latest hero and how well does this movie do in highlighting the themes of “should we seek approval from others” and “how often do… continue reading »