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Racial Tensions – ShatterCast Unplugged

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In this special segment, we have an honest and heartfelt conversation about Racial Tensions in Today’s World. We share some of our personal perspectives in hopes that it might add some additional understanding and healing to this great conversation. We cover a lot of important topics in this episode and thought it was important to… continue reading »

Board Game Industry Response | Virtual Tabletop Games, New Game Releases, Marvel Champions

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[Topics: Letting Go of Old Things, Trust] How has the Board Game Industry been impacted with so many people having to remain at home? Have families taken this opportunity to play games together more? Are Virtual Tabletop Games helping gaming groups stay connected while they have not been able to meet in person? Meanwhile, some… continue reading »

Movie Industry Response | Renting New Releases, Direct to Streaming, Pushing Back Theater Releases

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[Topics: Patience, Endurance] How has the Movie Industry responded to the virus? Will the shift to Renting New Releases, Movies Going Direct to Streaming, and/or Pushing Back Theater Releases help the industry endure the economic impact of recent months? Could there actually be any benefits that could arise from movie studios pushing back some film… continue reading »

Game Industry Response | Next-Gen Consoles, FF7, and WOW expansion – ShatterCast Unplugged

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How has the video game industry been adapting to the current global crisis? We discuss some of the latest gaming news including info being released about the Next Generation of Consoles, Feedback on the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and the next World of Warcraft Expansion. Also, there are some positive signs that some game developers… continue reading »

Worldwide Shutdown: ShatterCast Special Edition

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The entire world has been impacted by the current global health crisis. In this special two-part edition of ShatterCast, we chat about the impact on the entertainment industry and on everyday lives. How can we still maintain hope in the midst of everything that is happening? And how can we share that hope with others?… continue reading »