Who We Are

Shattered Studios was formed over 5 years ago to address the troubling growth of depression, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts among young people.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S. has recently updated their stats to reflect that when you focus in on young people ages 10 - 24 years old, suicide then becomesthe 2nd leading cause of death.

Here are a few statistics

The need to help youth and young adults is great indeed. But the need to also inspire and communicate with young people using "their language" (meaning methods that are engaging, relevant, and that they can relate to) is also great.

That is why Shattered Studios has invested a lot of time and resources into finding new ways to share hope and faith with young people using technology and the arts - because we truly believe this is the "language" of today's youth. From games, to music, podcasts, comics, dance, drama, and more - these are the forms of media that most of our youth are impacted and inspired by today.

So our team has taken on the challenge of creating and equipping others to use these forms of art and media to really encourage young people around world.

Shattered Studios is an umbrella organization that contains three divisions. To better understand how we connect with young people feel free to check out any of our divisions below.

Ways to help

Through Production

Creating original resources to help inspire and encourage young people

Through Mentorship

Our art mentorship program which helps youth identify their artistic talent then use that as a positive way to express themselves and to help others.

Through Collaboration

Connecting with other people and organizations who have a similar passion to reach out to young people like we do.