Month: January 2020

ShatterCast – Season 2, Clank! Deck-Building Board Game

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“Clank!” is a popular game that combines a board game with card deck-building mechanics. It is a favorite for many new gamers and seasoned veterans alike. It also has several expansions and a recently released “Legacy” version to keep players occupied for a long time to come. Does our team think this might be a… continue reading »

ShatterCast, Season 2 – DC Deck-Building Game “Rebirth”

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Happy New Year! We kick off 2020 with our first dedicated Board Game segment. DC Deck-Building Game by Cryptozoic Entertainment is a very popular game that released a new version entitled “Rebirth” a few months back. It is named after the recent comic book relaunch of DC Comics publishing. How does this new version of… continue reading »