Month: October 2019

ShatterCast, Season 2 – WOW Update

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BlizzCon (Blizzard’s very own gaming convention) kicks off this weekend. Last segment we discussed what we believe Activision Blizzard has been doing wrong (i.e. their original response to a player’s support of Hong Kong). This segment we discuss one of the things we believe Blizzard has recently done right – the release of WOW Classic…. continue reading »

ShatterCast – Season 2 Intro Sneak Peek!

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Season Two of ShatterCast is premiering soon. For your viewing pleasure here is our new Season Two intro video featuring a few glimpses at our new filming location! Like and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be among the first to see Season 2 of ShatterCast when it premieres! And check out the new version… continue reading »